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As our lives become busier and more complex, successfully navigating and managing personal finances can be a daunting and difficult prospect, often resulting in poor decision making, lost wealth creation opportunities and unnecessary risk.


Imagine the progress and peace of mind that would come with possessing your very own CFO; a dedicated professional who understands, explains, coordinates and manages all of your financial affairs with the ultimate aim of achieving true financial freedom and security.


This is the philosophy of Maxim Private Wealth.


From cash flow management and loans to superannuation, insurance and investment, we will advise and guide you on all aspects of your (and your family’s) financial affairs.


Perhaps you’re looking to retire early and travel the world. Or strive to give your children the best education possible. No matter what your personal ambitions are, we can give you the financial security to not just hope for the best, but achieve it.


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“To prepare for retirement and reach my financial goals, I needed to assess my shares, super, property and savings. I also had to review my tax lodgements and do
a will. Maxim act like a one stop shop. Michael and his team are professional, proactive and regularly review/monitor my needs. I feel they treat my hard earned savings like they would their own.


I have seen real savings due to their advice, such as reducing investment fees without impacting returns. They also undertook financial modelling to determine wealth, future goals and gap analysis. I have no hesitation recommending them. It’s well worth the investment of your time and money.”